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Old Millennials, Consider This Your VSCO Girl Starter Pack

Take your next beauty and fashion cues from today's teen girls
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If, like me, you are well past your teenage years, you may have asked yourself: What the heck is a VSCO girl? Basically, "VSCO girl" is the term for a teen girl with a very specific aesthetic who, as the name implies, is very into the photo-editing app VSCO. The VSCO girl look is pretty basic and very laidback: scrunchies, slip-on shoes, and clear lip gloss are all mainstays. VSCO girls also care deeply about the environment, steering clear of plastic in favor of reusable water bottles and metal straws.

If you're ready to embrace the VSCO girl lifestyle as a full-grown adult (raises hand), add the following products to your routine, grab your pastel mini backpack and you're basically good to go.

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Hydro Flask 20 oz Wide Mouth, $37.95
Make like a VSCO girl and say no to plastic bottles. This large stainless steel water bottle is designed to keep water cold up to 24 hours or hot drinks hot for up to 12 so your drink is always the right temp. It's also free of phthalates and BPA and available in lots of pretty colors.

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Fashop Velvet Hair Scrunchies, $8.99 for 12
The 90s are back in a serious way, thanks in part to VSCO girls, and we couldn't be more thrilled to rock scrunchies again. These velvet varieties are super-soft and stylish. They look good dressed down with jeans and a tee or dressed up with an LBD and heels.

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VSCO girls are known for their minimalist skin care routines. They're big fans of facial sprays, which are easy to tote around and use on the go. This particular facial spray has a simple formula containing herbal extracts and rosewater to boost hydration and perk up dry, tired skin. Plus, the no-frills packaging fits the trademark VSCO girl aesthetic.

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Crocs Classic Lined Clogs, $49.99
We're pretty into the fact that VSCO girls aren't into uncomfortable shoes. They love their Birks and Crocs, and these shoes are perfect for this time of year. They have a fuzzy liner that keeps feet warm while you run errands.

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