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6 Super-Luxe Reusable Water Bottles to Up Your Hydration Game

Say goodbye to disposable plastic bottles... and hello to these stylish alternatives
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Fact: Plastic is pretty darn bad for the environment and your health. That's because a) plastic doesn't biodegrade, and b) it actually releases toxic chemicals (like bisphenol A, a.k.a. BPA) that can get into your bloodstream, which can in turn lead to health issues. In other words? If you haven't yet switched to using a reusable water bottle yet, Earth Month is the perfect time to start. That doesn't mean you have to settle for something boring, though. Tote your H2O around in style with one of these super-luxe water bottles, all of which are BPA-free. Whether you're headed to the gym or work, they make hydrating an easy and stylish experience.

Image via @mybkr

Cover image via @mybkr

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S'well Water Bottle in Geode Rose, $27.90
Keep drinks ice cold for up to 24 hours (or hot for up to 12) with this 17-ounce reusable stainless steel water bottle. Pictured here in a trendy pink geode design, S'well bottles come in a bunch of fun colors and patterns, including rose gold ombre and peacock print.

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Wellness Gem-Water Bottle by VitaJuwel, $78
For the Goop-lovers among us, turn your attention to this 16.9-ounce lead-free glass water bottle, which features a gemstone mix of amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz at the base. The brand claims that the bottle boosts the pH of water in less than 10 minutes. (Some studies suggest water with a higher pH level has health benefits such as minimizing acid reflux and lowering blood pressure).

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Hydro Flask Water Bottle Wide Mouth with Straw Cap, $43.90
This 32-ounce BPA-free water bottle looks oh-so-sleek and Instagram-ready in black. The wide mouth design means guzzling H2O is simple, plus the powder coating gives you a solid grip so you never have to worry about the bottle slipping from your hands.

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The Coldest Bottle, $24.49
When you need your water to stay really, really cold all day long, reach for this 21-ounce travel bottle in bright pink. The special design will keep your agua cool for up to 36 hours. The handle makes it easy to carry around.

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