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An Expert Debunks Viral Skincare TikTok Trends

Not all that glitters...
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We've all come across the seemingly endless viral skincare TikTok trends like "sunscreen contouring", "face taping" and the ever-present "this product will cure your acne".

While these trends can be helpful (and often even fun), they're not always backed by science and can sometimes lead to widespread misinformation. To separate fact from fiction we turned to Jewel, Woodhouse Spa's lead esthetician and corporate trainer.

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Can toothpaste make a pimple go away?
"Using toothpaste can cause a skin reaction and make a pimple worse. Before 2016, toothpaste had an ingredient called Triclosan, which could help dry out pimples; however, this ingredient has been banned by the FDA since 2016 and is no longer found in toothpaste. Instead, treat with one of these: Benzoyl peroxide, Salicylic acid, or Adapalene."

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Is 'sunscreen contouring' dangerous?
"Do not follow this trend. To intentionally 'tan' contour lines on your face is unsafe. Any skin darkening from UV exposure is a sign of sun damage; therefore, contour lines are sun damage markings and can lead to melanoma."

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Does taping your face prevent wrinkles?
"Putting tape on your face essentially just reminds you to not elevate your brows or crinkle the face, so it limits facial movements. However, putting tape on your face is not going to prevent wrinkles or crinkles; it simply acts as a reminder to make fewer facial movements."

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Can Neosporin be used to treat acne scars?
"Neosporin is not dermatologist-recommended because it carries the risk of an allergic reaction to its neomycin ingredient. Neosporin is not advised to treat the bacteria that causes acne. Acne scars are essentially inflamed blemishes that developed discoloration when healing. To treat acne scars, look for ingredients like vitamin C to reduce the appearance of post-acne dark spots, and salicylic acid to help diminish scar texture."

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