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This Is the Perfect Palette for Your Eyes — and Your Bedroom Decor

Ever love a makeup palette so much it inspired your room decor? Just us?
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Eyeshadow palettes are how I meditate. When I look at them, a sense of calm comes over me and I could stare at them forever. I'm not going to lie, it gets a little weird in Sephora. So what better inspiration for decorating my bedroom than the gorgeous blend of colors in my current favorite: the sexy, sultry Troublemaker palette, $17.97. Urban Decay claims that the shades are "perfect for scandalous nights." We'll see.

Images via Urban Decay and Anthropologie

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This dreamy bed has it all: Classic clean lines, the live edge, the brass details. Inspired by the eyeshadow with warm brown undertones, it makes the rest of the colors look brighter.

Buy it at Anthropologie, $2.498

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For the wall color, a creamy neutral called Alpaca provides the perfect backdrop and is super flattering.

Buy it at Benjamin Moore, $9.99

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Target really does have everything and now it has the perfect bedside table. This eclectic beauty is a steal — and when you get bored of it in the bedroom, move it out to beside the couch. It's super versatile, with a deep metallic copper, adding a bit of sparkle — just like on your eyelids.

Buy it at Target, $66.49

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These one-of-a-kind Guatemalan pillows provide the perfect accent and pop of saturated color. Just like the warm matte cranberry shadow, it has an earthy feel, adding luster to a worn-out bed (or tired eyes).

Buy them at Anthropologie, $90

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