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13 Scented Candles That Make Your Home Smell Like Fancy Perfume

Get ready to get lit
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There comes a time in every grown woman's life -- around the time she starts mainlining "Property Brothers" marathons on HGTV -- when she finds scented candles irresistible. Maybe it starts with a secret Santa gift, but before long, she's spending the weekends roaming the aisles of her local department store in search of that perfect floral votive.

Ladies, if this is you, we're here to tell you that there's no shame in being an unabashed candle junkie. Scented candles add a lot to a home. They're an easy way to make your humble abode smell like an English garden or chic French perfumery. Plus, there's something undeniably cozy about having a candle flicker in the corner of the room as you curl up with a good book.

However, in the day of the candle obsessed, there are a lot of scented candles to choose from -- and not all fragrances are created equal. Whether you're on the hunt for a day-brightening citrus scent, a smoky aroma that'll make your apartment stand out from the crowd or a relaxing fragrance to mellow you out, we've got you covered.

These 13 amazing-smelling candles are basically perfume for your pad. And like perfumes, there's one for every taste. Keep reading to find the perfect way to light up your home.

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If You Hate Scented Candles...
Try: Jo Malone London Lime Basil & Mandarin Scented Candle, $65

Not everyone has come to the light side (and specifically to the candlelit side). And true, some scented candles give others a bad name with cloying, overpowering scents. But we'd be willing to be that even the most sensitive noses will be able to delight in Jo Malone London's Lime Basil & Mandarin candle. The subtle, balanced, slightly citrus scent blends notes of basil and white thyme and refreshes any room without drawing too much attention to itself.

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If You Want to Feel Hipper Than You Are...
Try: Replica Jazz Club Scented Candle, $60

This decidedly masculine-smelling candle is one you and your husband, boyfriend or male roomie can all agree on. The mingling of musk, vanilla and tobacco notes will immediately transport you to the hippest jazz club in Brooklyn (minus the smell of beard sweat, of course).

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If You Want to Do Some Good...
Try: Starling Juniper + Saffron, $55

In addition to flooding your home with the delightful aroma of saffron and juniper, The Starling Project gives back by helping to provide solar energy to under-resourced countries around the globe. So as you light up your home, you'll be providing a little light elsewhere. Win-win.

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If You Want to Feel Like a Celeb...
Try: Annick Goutal Petite Chérie Perfumed Candle, $63

This fruity-meets floral scent is as perky as it is delicately Parisian. It comes in a chic votive that'll instantly elevate any surface. Even better, rumor has it that Ellen DeGeneres stocks up on this candle every month -- and if it's good enough for the daytime funny lady, you'd better believe it's good enough for us.

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