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5 of Our Favorite Toxin-Free Nail Polish Brands

Stay healthy and vibrant with these non-toxic nail colors!
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Look, we all love sporting vibrant, shiny nails... but we don't love the harmful chemicals that often come with them. Luckily, you don't have to compromise your health for an impeccable manicure — because more and more brands are going toxin-free. Keep reading to see a few of our top choices, from Deborah Lippmann to Zoya.

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The name "Deborah Lippmann" might remind you of your favorite Jewish aunt, but she's actually a celebrity manicurist (and jazz musician, randomly). Her nail polish line is vegan, free of the 7 most harmful toxins (aka "7-free"), and will leave your nails looking G to the L to the A to the M, GLAMOROUS! The price for a bottle is a little steep, but sometimes the extra cash is worth it for that long-wearing, celeb-level appeal.

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Zoya Nail Polish, $10

With over 400 colors in the collection, there's bound to be at least one vibrant vegan tone that strikes your fancy. Zoya herself is a classical pianist from Russia, and when she moved to the United States in the late 1970s, realized there weren't non-toxic nail polish brands here. Her husband Michael, a chemist, developed the formula, and almost 40 years later, the rest is history. Support Zoya and her female-run beauty brand!

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LVX Nail Lacquer, $15

7-free? Try 10-free! LVX offers a gel-like smooth and creamy texture that's vegan and cruelty-free, and touted by some of the most well-known celebrities and fashion designers. Check out the brand's "runway driven color stories," launched in collaboration with New York fashion week each year for some of the hottest, boldest looks on the runway... soon to be on your nails too!

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Ella+Mila Nail Polish, $10.49

Named for the twin daughters of one of the company's founders, this charming and clean nail polish brand won't disappoint those of you into healthy beauty products — and it won't break your bank account, either. Free of the 7 most harmful chemicals and with a cute design to boot, you're definitely going to want to pick up a bottle... or maybe three!

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