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27 Unicorn-Approved Holographic Nail Polishes We Need RN

This will be your most eye-catching manicure yet
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As unicorn everything continues to reign supreme -- from unicorn-inspired frappuccinos to unicorn-inspired eyeshadow palettes -- it's officially time to give holographic unicorn nails a try. The term has many interpretations -- but all are equally fabulous (and some aren't even too difficult to pull off). After all, who out there doesn't love fairy-tale-level holographic nails? When it comes right down to it, if it's good enough for a unicorn, it's good enough for us.

So, from high-impact chrome to delicate iridescent, read on for some great takes on holographic nail polish -- and get ready for your nails to become your very own tiny, personal rainbows. There are so many great holographic nail polish shades out there, not to mention holo powders, stickers, and tapes -- the puffy-clouds-and-rainbow sky's the limit!

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Silver Holographic Chrome
First, let's start things off with a bang: Can you believe how ridiculously shiny these holographic nails are? The eye-catching look is created using a special holographic pigment layered over a black polish -- though, for beginners, it's still possible to achieve a similar look by using special effect polishes.

To recreate, try...

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Holographic Powder
Whats Up Nails Holographic Powder, $38.75

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Top Down
ILNP Ultra Holo Nail Polish, $10

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Holographic Pearls
Revlon Transforming Effects Top Coat, $5.99

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