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9 Sheer Sunscreens That Won't Leave White Marks on Your Suit

Protecting skin is a must, but come on, we want to be cute about it
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Estimate: I spend at least 50 percent of my time by the pool rubbing white streaks off of my swimsuit. For someone who's compulsive about covering every inch of her body -- and that should be all of you -- a sheer sunscreen is a summer must-have. Aside from broad spectrum protection, the most important part of a sunscreen is that it's user-friendly enough for you to want to reapply all beach day long.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, MD, Director of Capital Laser and Skin Care in Chevy Chase, Maryland, sunscreen "most likely goes on white due to the physical sunscreen ingredients like zinc and titanium [dioxide]." So, how can you make sure your skin is protected without resembling a white-nosed lifeguard? We scoured the stores for chemical- and mineral-based formulas that won't stain your clothes or your suit. Because keeping your skin protected shouldn't make you look like a white-streaked hot mess.

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This lotion sunscreen is perfect for a day at the beach when you don't want white streaks to interfere with your look. The lightweight formula glides on smoothly and melts right into skin. The water-resistant properties (hence the "sport" in its name) mean you can stay protected in the pool for up to 40 minutes -- but don't forget to reapply when you're back on dry land.

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As a self-tanning brand, Vita Liberata knows exactly how we want our skin to look on vacation. Anyone who once slathered themselves with baby oil by the pool (all too guilty!) will love what this skin-safe dry oil does to your legs. It also smells so good, you may just end up throwing out your current body moisturizer in favor of this product's guarantee: glowing, protected and delectable-smelling skin.

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If I had to choose a brand to create a beauty lover's spray SPF, it would be Image, an aesthetician-favorite brand. The spray-and-go formula is totally clear and dries without any of the sticky or chemical-like residue associated with normal SPFs. Another point above regular SPF sprays: There's no hint of that Deet-esque chemical scent. The spray has the same citrus and almond fragrance as the brand's moisturizers, which somehow evoke both the beach and plain old good skin-care. For natural sunscreen fans, the brand also offers a mineral version that's only a tinge more opaque.

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We sometimes associate mineral sunscreens with uber-protective, thick layers of chalky lotion. But in 2017, natural sunscreen brands have it all figured out. This hypo-allergenic, gluten-, dairy-, soy-, paraben-, sulfate-, and fragrance-free SPF is made with clear zinc oxide, which means no white streaks. Bonus: This sheer sunscreen is so gentle, it's recommended for use on babies and kids, too.

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