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Snackable Workouts Are the Latest Fitness Craze

These bite-size workouts will keep you moving throughout the day.
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We get it. Trying to find a solid block of time in the day to exercise can be a struggle. Which is why the concept of snackable workouts is so revolutionary. It involves getting off your butt for just 3 to 10 minutes when you can actually find the time.

"Bite-size workouts are little spurts of exercise that can be incorporated into your daily routine," explains certified fitness trainer Jessica Mazzucco. "Rather than a long workout like a boot camp or several miles on the treadmill, bite-size workouts can be performed while waiting for your food to cook or during a commercial break."

Snackable workouts aren't meant to replace your entire workout routine. But they can help curb an otherwise sedentary lifestyle and keep you feeling great. Click through to check out seven bite-size routines you can do practically anywhere.

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Wall Push-Ups

No need to get on the ground for this snackable workout idea. "These can be done anywhere, even in a bathroom stall," says certified fitness trainer and founder of Fluid Running Jennifer Conroyd. "If you do them correctly, they work your shoulders, arms and core and will raise your heart rate."

Stand with your feet hip distance apart about 2 feet from a wall. Place your hands on the wall just a little wider than your shoulders and pull your chin in, shoulders back and grip your belly to spine. Slowly lean into the wall, making sure to keep your back straight, until your forehead is about to touch before slowly pushing away. Complete 10 to 20 to elevate your heart rate.

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Katy Neville, fitness trainer and head of programming at Onyx, calls the cat-cow a perfect morning snack. "It releases the tension in your back and warms up your hip flexors and glutes to prepare for some sitting," she explains.

Start in cat pose (on all fours with your back arched and chin tucked) and then move into cow pose (sitting with your bones and chest pulled up and neck elongated). Complete each move for 30 to 45 seconds and repeat two to three times.

"Focus on stabilizing your core," notes Neville. "Because you are just waking up, it's a good reminder to engage your powerhouse from the beginning of the day so that you sit up taller and feel stronger for the day ahead."

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Squats and Hold Squats

Squats are another one of those exercises you can do anywhere. They're a great way to pass the time and multitask. Like while you're waiting for your coffee to percolate, while brushing your teeth or while waiting for your lunch to heat up.

"Plant your feet firmly into the ground and keep your chest pressed outward," advises Mazzucco. "Squat until your quads are parallel to the ground and then return to the starting position."

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Jumping Jacks

To get your heart rate up quickly and blood moving through your body, take a quick break and do some jumping jacks for a few minutes. You could even challenge yourself to see how many you can do in 120 seconds and try to improve your time every day.

"Stand upright with your legs together, a slight bend in the knees, and arms at your sides," says Conroyd. "Jump up while spreading your arms and legs out to the side. Lift your arms as high as you can and your legs should spread shoulder-width apart. Jump back to the starting position."

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