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16 Genius Storage Solutions for Teeny-Tiny Bathrooms

Give your beloved products the organizing systems they deserve
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It used to be that organizing sprees were confined to a single season. You'd have the entire year to collect junk in your drawers and dust bunnies in your corners, and then temporarily spring clean yourself into a tizzy come warmer weather. Once upon a time, April showers brought freshly washed pavements and newly sparkling drawer corners.

These days, though, minimalism is in. After being let in on "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up," the entire country considered Kondo-ing. That, combined with Pinterest-perfect images of well-thought-out spaces beckoning from every corner of the internet, makes for a culture which holds hyper organization as one of its most aspirational ideals.

But, if we're being honest, remaining in a constantly organized state can be a little exhausting -- especially if you've got a serious beauty product addiction and nonexistent bathroom storage space to put all of the tubes, sticks, bottles, pumps, pens and other gadgets amassed in a beauty product lover's lifetime.

That's where organization solutions come in. These genius tips for organizing a small bathroom will keep your products from taking over your bathroom. The best part? Once in place, they basically do the work of organizing small spaces for you.

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Two Words: Vertical Space
So what if you don't have a cabinet under your sink -- you've got walls! There are oodles of ways to use all that space that you'd normally just be staring at blankly during your daily shower thoughts.

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Store Them in Sight
If they're really pretty and bring you joy, you don't have to hide them away. (Marie Kondo said so!)

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Or Tuck Them Safely Away
Multi-tier storage under the sink is a total must for small bathrooms.

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Speaking of Multi-Tier
It's a good tactic to bring to every aspect of your small bathroom storage.

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