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21 Gorgeous Bathrooms That'll Make You Want to Spend All Day Primping

These next-level bathroom decor ideas, tricked-out vanities and dreamy tubs will turn any bathroom into a sanctuary
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On the surface, the bathroom may seem like the last logical place to invest your design time and money. The bathroom is home to the most utilitarian objects one can find: unromantic, yet useful, items like scales, toilets and cotton swabs. One might conclude that a collection of seashells or a basket of dried rose petals atop of a commode would suffice as decor for the most pragmatic of rooms.

But one would be wrong. If you're not treating your bathroom like the spa opportunity it is, then you're missing out. The bathroom is the perfect place to unleash your luxe bath scents, pamper your skin and primp to your heart's content.

To inspire you in this pursuit, we've rounded up the most gorgeous bathroom decor known to man -- or at least, to the internet. Here, the most inspiring bathrooms one could ever hope to step inside -- and then, never leave.

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Who's a Pretty Girl?
Is it wrong to talk to a tub? Not if it's the beautiful, old-fashioned, black-bottomed claw-foot tub of our dreams. If anyone needs us, we'll be chin-deep in bubbles within this gorgeous design.

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We'll be mentally soaking until further notice.

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With perfect lighting and no less than four mirrors, this all-marble bathroom oasis will help you take your snaps and selfies to the next level.

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Actually exploring the stunning views seen from this gorgeous bathroom would be the only motivation to leave this magical, spa-like space.

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