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12 Beauty Products That Support a Better Night's Sleep

We're giving a new meaning to beauty sleep
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We all know the importance of getting quality beauty sleep and, these days, brands are really putting the beauty in that expression to work. This trend can, in large part, be traced back to wellness and beauty influencers who regularly share their nighttime rituals on social media — Healthy Alibi, for example, posts near daily stories of her soaking in a bathtub post-dinner/pre-bed. As such there's been an explosion in beauty products that support sleep from aromatherapy bath products to beverage powders.

Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, a sleep expert and the founder of Zyppah, singles out products with lavender as being particularly powerful. "Targeted studies looking at sleep confirmed lavender's active properties for combating insomnia." Dr. Greenburg particularly likes lavender Epsom salt soaks: "The scent of lavender has soothing qualities and the Epsom salts, which are composed of magnesium and sulfate, have been found to relax muscles."

Essential oils are also helpful, he says. "Besides lavender, chamomile is known for its relaxation properties," says Dr. Greenburg. "They can be consumed in tea, used for massage, and also used in an essential oil diffuser for inhalation. Other popular ones to foster better sleep are bergamot, jasmine, rose and sandalwood.

For a look at essential oil options and more, checkout our slideshow of sleep-supporting beauty products.

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According to Dr. Greenburg, practicing a skin care routine at night is key for easing into sleep, since it can help establish a nighttime routine that your body will respond to as an indicator that it's time to wind down. "Also, it will become easier to fall asleep knowing that you won't experience a break out in the morning," he quips. With that in mind, checkout Murad's latest launch, which was specifically inspired by the science of sleep — which basically means it works to fight dull skin while you snooze.

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This three-pound bag is one of the least expensive ways to boost sleep. Just pour two cups of the Epsom salt to a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes or — create a muscle-relaxing paste by dissolving a teaspoon into a cup of hot water and rubbing it against your body.

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Mix one teaspoon of this probiotic-rich powder with warmed milk (unsweetened almond milk is the best option before bed) and consume it one hour before bedtime for more restful sleep.

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This is the perfect complement to the aforementioned Sleep Powder. Simply massage a thick layer onto clean and dry skin, wait a minute till it dries and then go to sleep. Rinse off in the morning and you'll find that you're left with refreshed skin.

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