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11 Plastic-Free Beauty Products to Try on Earth Day

Here's how to make your beauty routine guilt-free
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Take a look at your favorite beauty products: Notice how of them have plastic containers? Ask yourself how many times you need to throw them and restock new products — which, again, have plastic containers. It's unfortunate that being a beauty enthusiast has to lead to so much plastic waste (which often ends up in the ocean, where it can harm sea life). But this doesn't have to be this way: You see, more and more brands are coming up with plastic-free and eco-friendly packaging options.

With that in mind, let's celebrate Earth Day by making an effort to expand "self care" into "world care." Not sure where to start? Keep reading to see some of our favorite eco-friendly beauty products!

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Lush Bohemian Bar Soap, $7.95

Start your plastic-free beauty routine with this nifty soap. It comes in naked packaging, which makes it 100 percent zero-waste. And in addition to its amazing citrus scent, it's perfect for balancing your skin's moisture.

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This shampoo bar is a great alternative to your typical bottled shampoo. It's every bit as moisturizing and nourishing, but it comes plastic-, paraben-, and cruelty-free. The Lavender & Geranium bar is made with a lovely blend of oils, including castor, coconut, olive oils (as well as lavender and geranium essential oils, of course) that baby your scalp and help keep you relaxed.

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Say goodbye to dull skin, clogged pores, and dead-cell buildup with this two-in-one cleansing and exfoliating cleanser. Made with 100 percent natural ingredients and packed in a reusable and recyclable glass, this cleanser provides a sustainable option in your skin care routine. Plus, its apricot microspheres and BHAs will leave you with a healthy glow.

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Get rid of skin toxins and plastic waste with this three-in-one sugar scrub that cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes. It has no plastic microbeads and relies solely on natural exfoliants. Squeeze this on as part of your nightly skin care routine and notice a softer skin every after use.

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