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How to Protect Your Skin and Hair While Working Out Outdoors

How to glow in the best possible way.
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Having spent almost six summers in the sweltering Tel Aviv heat, I've learned a thing or two about keeping my skin protected, acne-free and glowing during workouts. Especially when my sweat sesh is outside. Pale-skinned and prone to moles, dark spots and blemishes, working out outdoors isn't something I take lightly.

Even though there aren't any mirrors around, feeling good is a big part of having an effective workout. So I don't want to see beads of sunscreen on my stomach or chalky marks on my face. And I'm definitely not interested in tearing up mid-workout because lotion has melted into my eyes.

All of the products in this slideshow stand up to the sweatiest workouts without clogging pores or creating a mess. It's important to remember that no matter what you slather on, don't rub or wipe your face with a towel. Instead, gently pat it otherwise you risk pushing sweat, dirt and grime into your pores and that, unfortunately, can cause blemishes. Not to mention causing product transfer leaving your skin more vulnerable to environmental aggressors.

Read on for the best picks to keep you glowing and going the next time you opt for an outdoor workout.

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Even if I plan on showering right after a sweaty workout, I gently pat down exposed skin and then spray some sort of salicylic acid product all over. It makes it easy to reach my acne-prone back to prevent bacne. (Don't forget to spray under your sports bra, especially at the seams, as plenty of pore-clogging sweat can accumulate there.)

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This tinted mineral SPF moisturizer feels like a lotion. It's super lightweight, absorbs quickly and imparts a natural color. It's truly an amazing formulation and debunks the myth that mineral sunscreens are chalky. It helps that it boasts hydrating superstar hyaluronic acid. Even though it's tinted, you can wear it while sweating bullets and not come out the other side with blemishes.

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If you're looking for a non-tinted sunscreen option, try this mineral one. It's an awesome pick that is easily absorbed by skin. In fact, it's so smooth it can double as a makeup primer.

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All my close friends know that I'm a Dr. Dennis Gross fanatic. His products are the only ones I consistently shlep in bulk with me when I travel. His latest launch, a mineral body spray, has inched its way up my list of favorites. It mists out super fine, blends in beautifully, doesn't have much of a smell and feels weightless pretty much as soon as you've lathered it on your skin.

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