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6 Must-Reads for Skin Care Obsessees

Raise your hand if you're a skin care nerd
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When it comes to learning about skin care, there's a sea of memes, influencer-sponsored posts, and questionable DIY YouTube videos to swim through to find what you need to know. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and confusing to wade through all this info just to find basic information.

One of the best ways to get the information you need? Go old school and check out a book! From a book dedicated to the best foods to eat for better-looking skin, to one all about Korean skin care, we're sharing some skin care books to dive into... face first.

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'Glow from Within' by Joanna Vargas
If you're looking for everything you've ever wanted to know about skin care, then this book is for you. Celebrity aesthetician Joanna Vargas is known for her cutting-edge beauty treatments and luxurious products, and here she's put it all on the page.

"Glow from Within," $17.59, starts by focusing on how nutrition impacts your skin and then delves into skin care regimens, vital information on how to make informed choices for your skin, deciphering active ingredients and how they work, and even the latest therapies used in spas and medical practices — microneedling and light and laser therapies, to name a few.

And honestly, that's just the tip of the iceberg: "Glow from Within" is filled with Vargas' expertise, knowledge and is grounded in science and lifestyle-based wisdom from her decades-long experience in the skin care arena.

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'Fresh Face' by Mandi Nyambi, M.S.
For more of a quick overview on skin care check out "Fresh Face," $14.53. This book is pleasantly easy to read and digest. And with more of a focus on specific skin concerns, it outlines simple routines to achieve beautiful glowing skin.

Nyambi gives you the basics and foundations of skin care, breaks down the anatomy of a skin care routine and then gives you a routine for multiple skin types. In this book you'll find routines for dry to oily skin and routines for those with hyperpigmentation, acne and other skin concerns. And not only do you get the routines, you get the breakdowns of the whys and hows.

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'The Healthy Skin Diet' by Geraldine Georgeou
You are what you eat, right? More than just a cookbook, "The Healthy Skin Diet," $19.32, is a guide to better understand your skin and the possible connections between your skin and your diet. Complete with real-life case studies Geraldine Georgeou explains skin conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis and PCOS and how food can help.

But then again, this is still a cookbook, so you get delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner like sweet potato halloumi hash, Thai beef noodle salad and Dukkah roast chicken with root vegetable crumble.

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'The Big Book of Homemade Products for Your Skin, Health and Home' by Jan Berry
DIYers, this one is for you! With over 150 recipes, "The Big Book of Homemade Products for Your Skin, Health and Home," $19.36, is a complete and versatile resource on how to make your own skin care and more — hair care and health remedies too.

Skin care you can make with this book include: Berry's recipes for her Honey, Rose & Oat Face Cleanser, Basil & Rose Kombucha Toner and Dry Flowers and Herbs Mask.

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