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11 Products That Are Lifesavers When You Can't Shower

Here's how to feel and smell clean minus water
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We've all been in situations when a shower was out of the question. Whether it was a weekend music festival, a camping trip, a lunchtime gym sesh or maybe a surgical procedure. I, myself was recently laid up thanks to a surgery and couldn't shower for a week and a half. I had to get creative in terms of products and techniques that would leave me looking, feeling and smelling like myself.

Here are some of our favorite portable products that can be used without water to get you clean and mimic the fresh feeling of having just showered. So if you don't have a shower readily available or you've been given explicit instructions not to, you have some legit options for freshening up. After all, you can't just sit there and succumb to the stink. Toss them in your bag and you're ready for anything life throws at you — and no one has to know your little secret.

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We love that this showerless cleansing spray is paraben- and sulfate-free. A quick spritz from head to toe and a 30-second dry time are all you need to be feeling fresh and clean. The soft coconut and mimosa flower scent is absolutely yummy, never overpowering and doubles as a delectable fragrance mist.

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These charcoal-infused dry shampoo sheets are sheer genius. To be able to tuck one of these babies in your purse, unwrap when you need and toss is revolutionary. These small wipes contain just the right amount of charcoal powder to sop up oil, refresh hair and impart a hint of fragrance without messing up your 'do.

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If you have an affinity for on-the-go lip balm pods, you're sure to love these adorable, portable deodorants. The tiny twist container is the perfect size for your purse, gym or overnight bag and makes it easy to freshen your underarms in a snap.

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Even when you can't shower, your skin still needs moisture. This ultra-lightweight, hydrating spray leaves skin in perfect equilibrium. Spray on before any sweat-inducing activity and let it wick away perspiration while keeping your skin cool and moisturized. The formula contains anti-microbial coconut oil to keep smelly bacteria away and it leaves you with a fresh, showered scent.

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