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15 Knockout Nail Art Designs for Short Nails

Bold manicure ideas on a nonrestrictive nail length
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No long nails? No problem. You can still create dazzling nail art on those 10 mini-canvases. Whether you a) struggle to grow your nails, b) can't function with a talon-like manicure, c) prefer a short shape, or d) all of the above, there are plenty of nail art designs that work with the nail length you do have.

In other words? If you're a short-nailed girl and sometimes feel left out of the nail art world... we see you. In fact, the focus of nail art on extra-long nails could be changing: According to Pinterest, searches for nail art on short nails are up by 46 percent, and there are so many gorgeous unique designs. Besides, pretty much any design intended for long talons can easily be adapted for shorter nails.

Click through the gallery to see 15 nail art designs for short nails that slay. Short nails don't care all the way!

Image via Imaxtree

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Dip and Dot Nail Art

Who needs a long French manicure when tips of short nails can be accented with pastel dots? Use a barely there neutral nail polish for the base or keep nails au naturel.

Image via @kuklanails

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Shattered Glass Nails

Proof shattered glass nails work brilliantly on any nail shape no matter how short — especially with metallic gold tape and coordinating jewelry.

Image via @monai_belgium

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Abstract Painting Nail Art

Short nails are the perfect tiny canvases for this abstract design.

Image via @thehangedit

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Tiny Cherry Nail Art

Cherry on top? More like cherries everywhere, thanks to this delicate nail art.

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