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10 Cleansing Conditioners That Will Replace Your Shampoo

You'll never go back to your lather, rinse, repeat routine after trying one of these easy, conditioning co-washes
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Shampooing your hair every day is passé -- these days, it's all about stretching the time out between washes as long as possible (hello, dry shampoo). And those in the know aren't washing with any old sudsy shampoo -- they're using a cleansing conditioner, a two-in-one product that gets your hair clean without stripping it of helpful, nourishing oils. Plus, you'll reap other benefits: namely, healthier, shinier, less frizzy and tangled hair. (Read more on the benefits of going suds-free here.)

Here, our favorite cleansing conditioners at every price point.

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Ease Your Way Into Cleansing Conditioners
L'Oreal Evercreme Sulfate-Free Moisture System Cleansing Conditioner, $6.99

Say goodbye to crunchy, frizzed-out hair with this cleansing conditioner. The formula has a low level of lather, perfect for the cleansing conditioner newbie who still needs a bit of that squeaky-clean illusion. It contains one-quarter cleanser and three-quarters moisturizing conditioner that's full of nourishing, hair-softening omega-3 and -6 that gently cleanses, hydrates and reduces breakage.

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For Shiny, Defined Curls
Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner for Curly Hair, $26

Fuzzy, fluffy hair doesn't stand a chance against this low-lather cleansing conditioner. It removes product buildup without being harsh on hair, and leaves curls and waves bouncy, shiny and refreshed. Pomegranate preserves add an unexpected -- but delightful -- tart, fruity fragrance.

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A Zesty Wake-Up Call
Purely Perfect Cleansing Cream, $40

This cleansing cream has a lotion-like consistency that takes a bit of getting used to -- because of the lack of detergents and sulfates, it doesn't lather at all. Not even a little bit.

It cleanses and nourishes hair with a blend of peppermint, rose hip and evening primrose oils, along with aloe vera (side note: the perky, wake-up scent makes it ideal for morning use). If all of those oils sound more greasy than cleansing, keep in mind that it takes about a month of using the product for hair to recover from shampoo abuse, according to the brand, which was created by the founder and ex-president of Bumble and Bumble. Once it does, you're rewarded with frizz-free, tangle-free, healthy hair.

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High-Tech Hair Washing
Living Proof Curl Conditioning Wash, $26

This low-foam wash liminates the need for conditioner altogether, and manages to get rid of buildup without being drying or frizz-causing. It was designed with curly hair in mind -- so straight-haired girls, beware -- and uses "extended curl memory technology." This sounds a little like something the main character in a celebrity-penned young adult novel would be researching, but it's actually a high-tech combo of time-released conditioners to control frizz and the brand's patented molecule to help keep hair clean and repel humidity.

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