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11 Magical Bath Products That'll Basically Soak Your Worries Away

Imagine you're that "Oprah soaking in the bath with champagne" meme
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One of the best ways to practice self care is to take a nice, relaxing bath... just lay there in the steaming water and let the tension in your muscles fade away.

...But who just wants to lay there in plain ol' water when it could be so much more?

Throw in an Ariana Grande-themed bath bomb. Add some bubbles. Light a few candles. Say, "Siri, play bath time music." (You know, the whole nine yards.)

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Whether you're tired from your job, doing intense workouts at home, or your body is achy because of stress, this baby will help you. The blend of Dead Sea and Himalayan salts with arnica, black pepper, and patchouli essential oil will help to alleviate tense muscles. And, bonus: The fragrance of rosemary, lavender, sage oils, and eucalyptus will relax you instantly.

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Pursoma Digital Detox, $34
The sea salt and montmorillonite clay from France stimulates blood circulation, relaxes stiff joints, and relieves cramps. Plus, it softens skin and contains algae (which is great for conditioning and hydrating skin).

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First off, how gorgeous are these? The creamsicle raspberry scent is pleasant without being overpowering and the moisturizing formula will leave your skin feeling oh-so soft.

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There are many varieties of this product from Dr Teal like lavender, pink Himalayan, and rosemary and mint. All of them are great: Epsom salts in general are especially great for you, as they help draw out impurities and relieve sore muscles.

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