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Hit Refresh With Spring's Retro Glam Hair Accessories

Ready to hit the refresh button on your spring style with some retro glam accessories? Here's how it's done.
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They always say that if you hang around long enough, trends will always come back around again. Call your mom because she will absolutely recognize some of the accessory trend flashbacks that came stomping down the Spring 2018 runways. And, to be honest, this is a good thing. Like, really good. Everything old isn't just new again: it's kind of awesome.

This fresh supply of time-honored beauty assistants is right on time for spring when you're just about sick to death of your hairstyle and need to mix up your look. "Incorporating accessories is a nice way to refresh a hairstyle, like a ponytail or a braid," explains James Pecis, hairstylist and Oribe Global Ambassador, a mane man who crafts some of the coolest looks you see on the runway. "You can also use accessories as an extension of your outfit, helping people to express their look."

The best part about these retro hair accessories: there are absolutely no rules when it comes to using them. Not anymore. "There isn't a right or wrong," says Pecis. "I would go with what makes you feel confident and fun! Ribbons and barrettes can look amazing on curly hair, like we saw on the Simone Rocha Spring 2018 runway. We had such a variety of natural textures and barrettes were used on everyone, placing them in a quirky way."

Ready to hit the refresh button on your spring style with some retro glam accessories? Here's how it's done.

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We've mentioned this, but Pecis wants us to repeat it: "There is no right or wrong! Ryan Roche just featured ribbons in her new collection and I think it's so rad." This is where your prim inner prep and your wild flower child get to play together nicely. Weave them into your braids, tie them around a ponytail, work them through a chignon, randomly work them into your curls — ribbons are a party just waiting to happen. The L. Erickson Long-Tail Ribbonette, $38, is a beautiful way to try a ribbon look.

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Barrettes and Bobby Pins
Pecis says these decades-old hair helpers have endless possibilities. "By night, you can do a more sleek, chic look with a simple barrette. They could be plain metal or adorned with jewels of your choice." He advises fine hair textures to spritz some Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, $46, for some grit at the roots if you find the barrettes are hard to secure. You can also use them to sculpt the hairline into a crown shape as shown here at Maki Oh.

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Flower accessories
The runway took an amped approach to the festival flower crowns trend at Naeem Khan, weaving the flowers into a braided crown, which, let's face it, is cool AF. Whether you go that route or add blooms behind your ear a la Dolce and Gabbana (shown here), Pecis loves the look on all hair textures. "I love flowers as a hair accessory either as one bold statement or as more intricate details of a total look. Right now, there are some great jeweled bug accessories that I think are really fun too." Floral looks need some hold, so add a touch of Ouai Matte Pomade, $24, if your natural texture needs a little boost.

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Encrusted hair accessories
Pecis worked backstage at Simone Rocha, which highlighted the '80s-born trend of hair clips encrusted with pearls. "This show was fun because we gently enhanced each of the model's natural hair texture by gently waving or wetting down and diffusing. The quirky placement of the accessories and the natural partings gave the look a modern feel." You can get the look straight from the runway with Simone Rocha's Imitation Pearl & Swarovski Crystal Hair Clip, $130.

Image via Imaxtree

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