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11 Crazy-Gorgeous Ways to Display Your Accessories

Try these cute and clever ways to organize your prettiest baubles and bling
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Pretty Baubles
We've been seeing glass candy dishes everywhere lately. Use them to store your nail polishes in your bathroom, or your chunky bracelets and rings on your vanity.

The Lucite bracelet holder is another option for a colorful display. The Container Store has multiple sizes and variations.

Image: Life With a Dash of Whimsy

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Shop Your Closet
Recreate the experience of shopping at the mall in your own closet by creating a display with shoes and purses. The Kallax shelving unit from Ikea is perfect for displaying your accessories. Plus, your shoes and purses will stay in better shape longer if they're not constantly in a heap on the closet floor.

Image: The Every Girl

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In Plain Sight
A mirrored tray makes an elegant backdrop for displaying one or two accessories. Keep the look simple with statement pieces, and mix in other elements like the candle and perfume shown here.

Image: The Every Girl

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Los Angeles jewelry designer Zoë Chicco creates drool-worthy necklaces, delicate bracelets and stacking rings we can't get enough of, so it makes sense that she knows a thing or two about displaying her own jewels. She piles her jewelry onto statues like this one in her home and displays them like the art they are.

Image: The Glitter Guide

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Another Reason to Recycle
A peek inside style blogger Aimee Song's closet revealed this adorable jewelry setup. Schedule a wine night with your girlfriends and save those bottles.

Image: @songofstyle

Even though I have an extensive jewelry collection, I wear maybe three to five pieces on the regular. And that's not because I don't love my baubles and bling. It's because currently my necklaces, bracelets, watches and rings are in tangled heaps on top of my dresser, at the bottom of my jewelry box and in miscellaneous boxes piled out of my reach.

According to experts (i.e. my daily fashion blog reading), the more you see your clothing and jewelry, the more you'll wear them -- which is the reason why I've been neglecting my prettiest pieces, and why you probably are, too. Here, some of the most gorgeous ways to display and organize your accessories, so you can start appreciating and wearing your jewelry.
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