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10 Iconic Beauty Products Your Grandma Used That Are Still Awesome

These superstar products have stood the test of time
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When it comes to beauty products, it's easy to get lost in the land of the shiny and new: the latest release of a beauty product, the newest makeup collab from an influencer or the most high-tech beauty gadget on the market — you get the picture. But once the hype dies down, we often find ourselves returning to our tried-and-tested faves. And you know what the funny thing is? A lot of those products tend to be the ones you first met on your grandmother's dresser as a young girl (long before the term "holy grail" was even a thing). There's just something about certain beauty products that stands the test of time. Here are some of our oldie-but-goodie favorites.

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Dove White Beauty Bar, $1.29
Remember this? The iconic soap bar was the first product created by the Lever Brothers way back in 1957. It has a patented blend of mild cleansers mixed with its famous moisturizing cream. The line has since expanded into other products, but the beauty bar remains a favorite and is still among the most moisturizing soaps currently on the market.

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We've all had this iconic beauty product on our bathroom counter at least once. A true multitasker, it can be used to heal chapped lips, moisturize dry patches on your skin — and you can even use it as part of your makeup routine. No wonder it comes in giant tubs like this 13oz one!

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Johnson's Baby Oil, $4.99
It may be intended for babies, but it sure helps adults too. Despite the controversy surrounding mineral oil, there are many who still swear by it. This one dates back to the 30s and is still an effective, gentle moisturizer, especially when used post-shower.

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Can you believe that this beauty product has been around since the 30s? The classic pick was the first powder that was "air spun," the process that produces its trademark fine, even particles. Even today, this setting powder is a must-have for any makeup enthusiast — in fact, we even consider it one of the best powders ever.

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