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6 Rainbow Palettes to Celebrate Pride All Year Long

Celebrate with these pretty collections
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As summer officially celebrates its arrival, skies are brighter, sunshine hangs out longer — and rainbows are considered an appropriate accessory. During the month of June, the world joins together to celebrate and honor the LGBTQ community, raising awareness and promoting tolerance. If you identify as part of this group or proudly serve as an ally, consider this your permission to bring out the brights, neons and eccentric shades. Whether you're taking your gay hubby out to dinner, attending a parade or a party, or doing all of the above, these palettes are ideal for a rainbow-inspired look. And hey, don't just pull these out for June — show your pride year-round, beautifully.

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For a More Muted Look
Hey, not everyone can pull off loud colors on their eyes — or frankly, not everyone wants to. If you prefer a mix of color without going overboard, consider this subtle vegan palette featuring a coral pink blush with bronze shimmer, warm gold eyeshadow with a moss-green undertone, as well as charcoal-purple, light forest green and other shades. Ideal for beach cookouts or hangs, considering this set was inspired by the mythical energy of mermaids.

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Best for Nighttime Parties
Going to a glow-in-the-dark run that supports Pride? Or perhaps a costume party, parade in your city's downtown or drag queen show? Whatever the occasion, sometimes large-scale events call for more than your drugstore palette — and require full-on costume makeup. Enter this bright palette, featuring neon pinks, greens, blues and beyond. As a bonus, when you're under a blacklight, the makeup will reflect and shine!

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Best for Jewel Tone
If your complexion is better suited to jewel tones, you're better off with a palette that reflects your pretty blues, greens or browns. A few quick wisps from a rich purple or warm gold will elevate your plain white Pride T-shirt and jeans look. For the casual office party, consider this your best bet — and don't worry about reapplication between meetings, since the formula features an all-day, crease-free wear.

Buy Avon True Color 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette, $12

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Best For #TBT Vibes
Remember playing dress-up as a child? You might have channeled your inner unicorn, playing with kid-friendly eyeshadow sets as you imagined your journey through Equestria. Now that you're an adult (technically, anyway), you can still indulge in your My Little Pony obsession with this pretty palette. With six colors to choose from, including satin neutrals fit for work or glittery, flirty, fun shades ideal for after hours, you can blend, mix and choose what works for you and your calendar. Since this classic show is all about the magic of friendship, why not grab a second set for your bestie?

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