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The Prettiest Lavender Eye Makeup Ever

Purple eye makeup for grown-ups? You bet. Here's our tutorial for lavender lids that look feminine and chic
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Thanks to purple's "color of the year" status, there are tons of gorgeous purple makeup shades on the market. A sheer wash of lilac shadow on the eyelids is a youthful, super-feminine way to wear the trend -- plus, purple flatters just about any skin tone. Heading to an alfresco Sunday brunch with girlfriends? This is your look.

Apply a medium-coverage foundation all over your face. Fill in brows with pencil or brow powder using light, hairlike strokes. Prime your upper eyelids with shadow primer, and use point-tip cotton swab to prime 1/4-inch of your under-eye area.

Tightline your upper lash line by smoothing a shimmery plum gel liner on the upper waterline, drawing as close to the lashes as possible. Using a liner brush, pull your eyelid taut and press a plum shadow at the roots of the upper lash line as well as the outer third of the lower lash line.

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Add Your Pop of Color
Using Sonia Kashuk Eye Quad (inset) in Prima Ballerina, take a large, flat eye shadow brush and sweep shade four, a pinkish lilac, from lid to brow.

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Create Depth
Using a contour eye shadow brush and shade three, a dusty purple, create depth by blending the shadow into the crease of your eye.

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The Trick for Sexy Smokiness
Take the same purple shadow in the palette and, with a small brush, make a thick arc over the upper lash line. Using the contour brush, smudge the arc for a slightly smoky effect. Using the small brush again, blend the purple shadow on the lower lash line.

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A Soft Finish
Add a coat of mascara to top and bottom lashes. Apply rosy cream blush to the apples of cheeks. Finishing by coloring lips with a sheer blush-toned lipstick.

Now, grab your girls and get your Mimosas on!

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