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5 Beauty Products P.E. Nation's Pip Edwards Can't Live Without

The Australian stylist and designer dishes her must-haves
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When she's not outfitting stars like Jessica Alba and Kylie Jenner or working on special projects like the recently launched H&M x P.E. Nation collection, P.E. Nation designer and stylist Pip Edwards is hard at work creating some of the most fashionable performance activewear. She also happens to wholly embody the holistically healthy lifestyle her brand promotes.

Edwards' healthy lifestyle extends to her love of beauty, specifically Estée Lauder (as her 167,000 followers know), but a holistic outlook means she approaches looking and feeling good from all angles. "Health shots like vitamin C and B12 are perfect for when you're looking for an inner full body cleanse and reset," says Edwards. "I also love to go to Ingrid Seaburn for face needling, vitamin infusions and micro-current treatments every five or six weeks in addition to my regular skin care and fitness routines."

What else can't the always-glowing Australian live without? Read on for her five must-have beauty products.

"My skin just drinks it in and I always wake up so hydrated after using it. I love that it's full of ingredients that help repair everything your skin is exposed to during the day — sun, pollution, blue light from our phones, etc."

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"After applying the Night Repair Serum, I apply the Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix serum under my eyes. I use the applicator wand to massage away any puffiness while applying."

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"I use these masks to instantly reset my skin after a busy day juggling work and fitness, or before a big event."

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"I always start my morning with Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II (yes, in the morning too!). Once the serum has soaked in, I layer rosehip oil and the Kora Organics Noni Glow Face Oil all over my face and Lucas Papaw ointment, which is perfect as a lip balm, but I also put it under my eyes and on my cheekbones for extra gloss and shine."

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