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It's Pink Galore With These Valentine's Day (And Night) Absolute Essentials

All 30 of them, and with cheeky names!
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Hey, no one said we're low maintenance. All joking aside, though, we did want to compile a list of products we would need should we find ourselves: 1) in an unexpected, getting-ready-to-go-out disaster, or in a less dramatic, but panic-provoking nonetheless, issue of being late; and 2) having a long, late night. The list includes all of these saviors, and then some — and all are gloriously pink!

And there's more to it than skin, hair and makeup products — like a cute couples' game, awesome self-loving items for you to enjoy and have fun if you're celebrating single, with your Galentines, or are staying in; plus a few more cheeky Valentine's day surprises you can't miss. Another great thing about the products that made our pink list: they all make fun and thoughtful gifts!

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Tymo Ring in Pink, $59.99
Ring, yes, but not diamond, this hair straightening electric brush has 5 different temperature settings, and thanks to the anti-scald design, allows more of the roots to be reached.

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NYX Smooth Whip Matte Lip Cream in Pillow Fight, $8
This vegan, full coverage lipstick provides comfortable wear along with the good stuff from shea and cocoa butters.

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Scents of freesia, plum, gardenia, jasmine, magnolia, and white musk will pop up with every hair toss.

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Taylor Swift fans might totally go head over heels for this eyeshadow palette. Like their others, this one is fully customizable, meaning you can add more text on the packaging, pick other shades, or simply buy as is!

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