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The Perfume You Should Choose Based On Your Summer Vacay

Tell us where you went and we'll give you your signature scent
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When it comes to vacations, one size definitely doesn't fit all. There are beach girls, mountain girls, those who love strolling through the museum, and those who prefer a rushing river. The same goes for your perfume — it's an individual thing. That's why we've come up with this handy guide: Tell us what kind of vacay you went on (or dreamed of going on) this summer, and we'll help you discover the fragrance that defines you.

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If you went to Paris...

Try: Lancome La Vie Est Belle, $128

Life is always beautiful in Paris, oui? If you enjoyed sipping black coffee at the cafes and traipsing through the City of Love at dusk, then this feminine Lancome l'eau de parfum is for you. With warm and spicy iris and vanilla, it's soft and warm — and just perfect for the Parisian girl.

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If you went to Bangkok...

Try: Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum, $130

If you got a new Thailand stamp in your passport this summer, Gucci Bloom — with exotic florals like jasmine and rangoon creeper — is your scent. Did you soak up the vibrancy, zip around in tuk-tuks, and indulge in the culinary delights of Bangkok, day and night? Go get Gucci Bloom.

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If you went to Iceland...

Try: Clinique My Happy Cocoa & Cashmere, $23

Did you get to view the magical northern lights this summer? Bask in the blue lagoons and scale glaciers? Then you have got to check out My Happy Cocoa and Cashmere from Clinique. Decadent yet subtle with musky hints of cocoa, it'll make you want to wrap up in your cardigan and spritz some on.

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If you went to Capri...

Try: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Sun, $80

If you swam in the azure waters off the coast of Italy this summer, this is the sun-drenched scent for you. Lemon, coconut, cedarwood, and jasmine make for a heady mix reminiscent of that afternoon in the Blue Grotto...

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