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The Best Perfumes for Every Single Friend on Your Contact List

Here's how to find the perfect fragrance for everyone you know
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They always say you can't gift fragrance, since it's such a personal thing. But you know what? We think it's possible to find your friend the perfect match, especially if you do a little sleuthing beforehand.

So, for that very purpose, we've created a handy little guide, matching perfumes to personalities — and we've found something for all of your best friends; from the most bookish of bookworms to the bubbliest of lighthearted romantics (and everyone in between). Keep reading to find the best perfumes for your friends and, who knows? You might just find a new signature scent for yourself along the way.

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For the island dreamer
Try: Atelier Cologne Pacific Lime, $135

Put simply, she'd rather be lying on a white sand beach in Hawaii. (Wouldn't we all, though?) Whisk her away with this new tropical scent — its notes of lime and coconut are downright delectable.

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For the reformed goth
Try: Gucci Bloom Nettare di Fiori, $141

In high school, she was all about the black eyeliner and flat-ironed bangs, but in adulthood, she's graduated to a more chic take on the all-black look (albeit paired with the occasional pair of stompy boots). Like her, this perfume is sophisticated — with just enough darkness mixed in to give it a little edge.

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For the aspiring influencer
Try: Ouai Mercer Street Eau De Parfum, $56

You know this woman: She's always the fastest to find the best lighting in a room and can arrange a chic flatlay in seconds. For her, you're going to want something cutting edge and photogenic, just like this gorgeous new fragrance from consummate cool-girl brand Ouai.

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For the hopeless romantic
Try: Miu Miu Fleur D'Argent Perfume, $132

She likes to watch "When Harry Met Sally" on a loop and daydreams about honeymooning in Paris. (She's also constantly sending you screenshots of text exchanges with her crush of the moment for your expert analysis, but that's a story for another day). A fresh yet sweet floral like this one is perfect for her (especially with its shiny chrome bottle and retro aesthetic).

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