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Pantone Perfection: Hottest Makeup Picks to Nail the Peach Fuzz Trend

Slay in style, slay in peach
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Step into a world where peach reigns supreme, where Pantone, the authority on color, unveils its 2024 color of the year: peach fuzz. For decades, Pantone has set the tone for global color trends, influencing industries from fashion to interior design with its expertly curated palettes. A color which depicts contemporary touch with a subtle yet intense energy that refreshes the mind and body as well as raises the spirit.

As described by the color oracle herself, Leatrice Lee Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, peach fuzz is a symphony of contemporary sophistication with a vintage twist, casting a timeless charm on our digital landscapes.

But hold onto your makeup brushes, because peach fuzz isn't just a color; it's a movement. It's about embracing the past while ushering in a new era of beauty — one where softness meets strength, and subtlety reigns supreme. And while peach has long been a darling in the beauty world, 2024 promises a resurgence like never before.

So, let's talk about peachy products — the ones that'll have you feeling on-trend and radiant throughout the year. From luscious lip glosses to rosy blushes and everything in between, it's time to paint your palette with the hues of peach fuzz and step confidently into the future of beauty.

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Say goodbye to impurities as this gentle yet powerful mask works tirelessly to absorb excess oil and minimize the appearance of pores, leaving your skin feeling soft and hydrated. This mask features a unique blend of three types of fermented clay, donut peach, kombucha tea, and dermabiome 8HA. This innovative concoction combines the goodness of hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and probiotics, offering a barrier-boosting experience like no other.

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Sara Happ The Lip Scrub in Sparkling Peach, $26
Bid adieu to dry, flaky lips and indulge in the lusciousness of Georgia's orchards, blended with the effervescence of a Bellini. This delightful flavor is a harmonious dance between tangy and sweet, creating a burst of juiciness that enlivens your senses. This exfoliating marvel works its magic instantly, eliminating dry skin and leaving your lips irresistibly soft and supple.

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Omorovicza Queen Cream, $249
Your everyday companion for radiant skin, day in and day out. Packed with the goodness of nutrient-rich precious oils deeply conditions and moisturizes your skin. The blend of microalgae helps to fortify your skin's natural defenses against urban pollutants, ensuring it stays protected and refreshed throughout the day.

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Struggling with clogged pores and dullness? Well, this 3-in-1 cleanser revitalizes your complexion and reveals a refined and glowing radiance. Infused with purifying organic alpine herbs, this gentle exfoliating cleanser transforms into luxurious silky foam when activated with water that helps to clear away pore-clogging debris and promote smooth and clear skin.

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