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5 Organic Hair Colors That Won't Damage Your Hair

Achieve vibrant hair color while giving your hair a break from chemicals
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You may love changing your hair color every once in a while, but how does your hair feel about the process? Traditional hair dyes have been notorious for causing damage to your hair and scalp — in drastic cases, some people even have to quit coloring their hair altogether. Fortunately, a new type of hair dye is now in the market that won't wreak havoc to your crowning glory. Organic hair dyes are a much better alternative since they are made from natural ingredients and have fewer chemicals than traditional hair dyes. Here are some of the best organic hair dyes that deliver vibrant color and nourishment to your hair.

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This organic hair color contains no ammonia and other harsh chemicals. Consisting of 102 shades that you can mix, it promises 1-4 levels of lift, as well as flawless grey coverage. These semi-permanent to permanent hair dyes also have ingredients that hydrate and nourish the hair, such as coconut oil and macadamia oil.

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Most hair colors contain as much as 20 percent peroxide, but Herbatint Hair Color has just 3 percent peroxide and it's also formulated without ammonia. With shades ranging from black and brown to copper and blonde, these permanent hair color gels are odorless and easy to mix and apply. It can lighten your natural hair color up to two shades.

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This hair color line uses henna as its main ingredient. Henna has long been used in ancient times to color hair and is one of the ingredients that's FDA-approved for use as a hair dye. Light Mountain's original line is composed of 12 shades while the brand's Color the Gray line has eight shades.

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An herbal-based hair color line, Naturcolor offers 31 shades that can be mixed to achieve a particular color. Like other organic hair dyes, it has no ammonia, parabens or resorcinol. It's great for people who are coloring their hair for the first time or for those who change their hair color often, since it's safe for repeated use.

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