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12 Recipes That'll Have You Falling in Love With Oat Milk

Move over almond and coconut milk
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First, we were all about almond milk. Then we were co-co-crazy for coconut milk. Now, the contest for the best plant-based milk seems to be dominated by a darkhorse contender — oat milk. The non-dairy drink has already been named a top trend for 2019.

Its recent surge of popularity is not for nothing: Oat milk has many benefits which make it a great option over cow's milk or even other dairy-free milks. It's vegan and can be gluten-free if gluten-free oats are used. Additionally, it's a good source of protein and fiber; plus, it's low in fat. Oat milk can also be easier to make than other milks. And even if you prefer to buy your oat milk ready-made, it earns environmental points because it requires less water and energy to produce commercially (especially when compared to almond milk).

Last but not least, we can't forget about taste. Oat milk has a yummy, bottom-of-the-porridge-bowl flavor with a nice creamy finish. It's delicious to guzzle by the glass and it also lends itself well to recipes. Keep reading for 12 oat milk recipes that show off the "mylk" to its very best advantage — they'll have you running to the store to nab a carton of Oatly.

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Oats with Oat Milk, Blackberries, Cacao Nibs, Hemp Seeds and Peanut Butter

Smoothie bowls might be an Instagram fave, but there's nothing like a classic, comforting bowl of oatmeal. This version uses gluten-free oats and the recipe has a double dose of oaty flavor, courtesy of oat milk. Natural peanut butter, cacao nibs, blackberries and hemp seeds add great contrasting textures.

Recipe and image via @wellbysaraheliza

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Golden Latte with Oat Milk

Golden milk is giving matcha lattes some serious competition. This striking golden latte is made with healthy dose of turmeric and other spices and is based in oat milk. Even coconut milk fans should give it a try. We also encourage including edible dried flowers as a garnish — so gorgeous.

Recipe and image via @myblissktchn

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Snickerdoodle Smoothie

This gluten-free smoothie can be made with any type of plant-based milk, but it's especially delicious with creamy, filling oat milk. The drink is basically a chocolate bar in a glass (albeit considerably more nourishing). Honestly, you'd never know that the smoothie has cauliflower in it.

Recipe and image via @jackiebowker

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Spelt and Oat Milk Pancakes With Date 'Caramel' Sauce

Weekend pancakes just got even better, thanks to this healthy vegan version. Ditch the mix and whip up a homemade stack with spelt flour, oat milk and a touch of tahini. Maple syrup is delicious on top, but we highly suggest the easy date-based faux caramel sauce.

Recipe and image via @sproutingzeneats

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