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Give Your Hands a Makeover with Fancy-Smelling Creams and Nourishing Nail Treatments

Because hands and nails go hand in hand
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We have all experienced the pain of cold weather wreaking havoc on our hands, making our skin endlessly thirsty and hungry, our cuticles in need of grooming more often, and our nails...oh, the brittleness... All that can change, luckily, and sometimes within minutes, seconds even!

Our hands have been exposed to so much lately, especially with the constant disinfecting we've all been putting them through. No wonder they are asking for a more substantial kind of attention. Well, neglected no more! We found some awesome nail and cuticle-targeted products, including a fast-acting cuticle softener, as well as nail masks and some nourishing and really, really good-smelling hand creams. Whether it's a quick fix you're after, or a more focused hand care routine — your hands will definitely feel (and show!) that attention.

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If you're in love with the uniquely clean scent of Not a Perfume fragrance, you are going to enjoy using the same brand's hydrating hand cream which will give a peachy tone to the skin and leave behind its elusive scent.

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How does a planet-friendly, non-toxic and woman-owned sound for a new nail product for try? Heal your nails with this nourishing formula that you can wear under your polish, or use as a regular solo treatment.

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Brazil nut oil, pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E, olive oil and murumuru butter deeply moisturize and revitalize the skin. Hands will be (and look) nurtured, smooth and invigorated.

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The massager nozzle makes the application of this cuticle cream a total game-changer. You can easily rub into the cuticles this anti aging and nourishing balm, while the tips of your fingers remain dry as you type, work, scroll.

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