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8 Treatment Polishes for Healthier Nails

Now, your manicure can actually moisturize and strengthen your nails underneath.
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By this time of year, your nails probably look like crap. They're peeling; they're splitting -- they're obviously dry and unhappy. Instead of swearing off nail polish completely, choose a healthy, good-for-your-nails formula, and get a treatment manicure. When you use one of these new polishes -- infused with hydrating oils, strengthening botanicals and reinforcing proteins -- your nails will become healthier over time. They're significantly better for your nails than wearing no polish at all -- and they look prettier, too.

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Oil-Infused Polish
Sally Hansen Color Therapy, $6.99, contains argan oil that gradually releases over time. In fact, every time you tap your manicure microscopic drops of oil deposit onto your nails to make them hydrated and healthy.

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Polish for the Gel Addict
If gel manicures are the cause of your nail woes, OPI Gel Break, $13.90, is here to help. It reinforces weak, brittle nails with vitamins and bamboo extract.

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Long-Lasting Mani
Designed as a strengthener first, color second, Maxus Nails, $18, is all about nail health. And a manicure with this polish will easily last a week or more.

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Designed by a Doc
Podiatric surgeons created Dr.'s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish, $17, to tackle toe nail discoloration (along with other ailments). Thanks to tea tree oil, garlic bulb extract and lavender, this polish is also great for a manicure.

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