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8 New Tinted Lip Balms That You Might Love More Than Baby Lips

With sheer, barely there color and all-day moisture, these balms could make you forget all about lipstick
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If You Love Baby Lips But Love Glitter More
Try: Maybelline Baby Lips Crystal Moisturizing Lip Balm, $4.49

Economical and moisturizing, featuring punchy colors and sugar-y scents, Maybelline Baby Lips is like the adult version of Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. But if you're not quite ready to be a grown-up, this new iteration of Baby Lips is a baby-step up from your time-worn tube of Dr. Pepper balm.

Baby Lips Crystal is so bright, glittery and happy-looking that it makes me look like I just kissed a unicorn. The suite of six shades includes Twinkling Taupe (barely-darker-than-your-lips hazelnut), Mirrored Mauve (dusty purple-pink), Pink Quartz (sheer neon pink), Gleaming Coral (juicy tangerine), Crystal Kiss (super-pale salmon pink) and Beam of Blush (watermelon pink).

Baby Lips Crystal makes a whimsical addition to my relatively adult beauty routine. The glitter gives the balm a slightly gritty texture, making my lips dry after several days of use. Still, I'm keeping Twinkling Taupe in my regular lippy rotation. And if you love to sparkle, this one's probably for you.

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If You Crave Lasting Color and Moisture
Try: Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint, $17

I have repurchased Clinique Chubby Sticks in Bountiful Blush and Super Strawberry more times than I care to know. I'm not the only one: The Chubby Stick is one of the brand's most popular products.

Clinique's latest innovation -- and my favorite from this new batch of balms -- is Chubby Stick Baby Tint. The four self-adjusting shades go on deceptively sheer and light before changing into a more vibrant shade, staining lips with lasting color. Thanks to jojoba seed oil, vitamin C, shea butter and mango seed butter, Baby Tints are even more moisturizing than the original Chubby Sticks. Budding Blossom is a juicy guava pink; Poppin' Poppy a pretty tangerine; Flowering Freesia a wearable pink-violet; and Coming Up Rosy a pinky red.

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If You Love Lip Stain But Hate the Application Process
Try: Benefit Benebalm, Lollibalm, Posiebalm and Chachabalm, $18 each

Benefit's Benetint has been a constant in my makeup collection for the past 10 years, but I rarely use it. As fun as it is painting my lips with the nail-polish-like brush cap, the application is a barrier to everyday use -- this is not something you can apply on-the-go.

Benefit's new balms, in shades that match their best-selling lip stain counterparts, are the perfect solution. Benebalm, Lollibalm, Posiebalm and Chachabalm -- rosy red, pink-violet, candy pink and mango, respectively -- offer gorgeous, buildable color in girly, user-friendly tubes. The shiny, rose-scented balms deliver even color and feel fantastic; they're insanely hydrating, with mango seed butter and sodium hyaluronate, a moisture-retaining ingredient. Reapplying these balms at your desk will become your new procrastination technique. (At least you won't spend so much time on Buzzfeed.)

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If You Own Every Color of Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment
Try: Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Sugar Tulip and Sugar Ruby, $22.50

Just when I thought I'd found my favorite shade of Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment (it's Sugar Petal, thanks for asking), along come two new shades of the best-selling lip balm to (maybe) change my mind.

In the tube, the hot pink Sugar Tulip looks like a statement lipstick. But on lips, it's subtly gorgeous -- neither too punchy nor too subdued, giving me the no-lip-color look I strive for. In fact, this might be the closest I've come to having baby lips in about, oh, 29 years. (Sorry, Maybelline.) The newest shade, Sugar Ruby, is the first shimmery balm in the line and a pretty, cool red that does right by my pale skin.

Fresh's product is one of the most gloriously moisturizing balms out there, and it packs SPF 15, to boot -- two things that make me feel a little less silly when I'm paying almost $23 for lip balm. If you're a Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment fan, you know what you're in for -- and it's good.

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If You're a Lipstick Addict in Recovery
Try: Burberry Lip Glow Balm, $28

One of the higher-end new lippies, this balm version of Burberry's signature lip gloss couldn't be more glamorous. With its weighty, magnetized gunmetal tube and embossed bullet, this balm makes your utilitarian tube of Chapstick look frumpy.

Not only does this look like a lipstick in the package, it wears a little like a lipstick, too. Its texture is velvety rather than shiny, making it appear more like a stain on the lips. It comes in three sophisticated-looking shades -- the fuschia Pink Peony, the coral Orange Poppy, and the deep, wine-y Pink Azalea -- that look great on a variety of skin tones. I only wish that its scent was a little less perfume-y. (Yes, it even smells expensive.)

Every 15 seconds, seven tubes of Maybelline Baby Lips are sold. Maybe it's Maybelline, or maybe it's that the best tinted lip balms offer complexion-brightening, unfussy color plus tons of moisture. While we don't dispute the amazingness of Baby Lips, we wonder how other, new tinted lip balms stack up against the most popular brand. These eight new lip balms -- which deliver a kiss of color, a heaping dose of moisture plus long-term benefits including age-fighting antioxidants -- are about to up your tinted-balm game, big time.
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