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9 Skin Creams So Pure You Should Keep 'Em in Your Fridge

Move over, La Croix.
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For thousands of years, people have used the natural resources around them to heal, soothe and beautify themselves. Ancient Egyptians — including Cleopatra herself — would use handmade rose water, colorful clay and donkey milk in their beauty rituals, and Chinese empresses from the seventh century AD would combine egg whites and vermillion into an eggshell and paint it on their faces.

The truth is, we're still doing pretty much the same today, only many more products utilize chemical preservatives. While those preservatives play an important role in modern skin care, sometimes it feels good to use a product so pure and natural that it's better off sitting in the fridge to lengthen its shelf life. Here, we're showcasing nine creams that fit the bill.

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This cream contains only five ingredients: tallow from grass-fed cows, pure emu oil, jojoba oil and blue tansy and geranium essential oils. It's a beautiful shade of ocean blue and helps soothe inflammation, combat premature aging and deeply nourish skin.

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This California-based skin care brand is well-known for its 100% raw, live and natural products. The Sea Cucumber Gelee is a lightweight gel formulation made from micro-clustered ionized water and a host of organically grown ingredients. It's not just a recommendation that you refrigerate — it's required! Buy now

How awesome is it that this eye cream doubles as a makeup remover? It's formulated with a trio of oils — grapeseed, safflower and sunflower — and five herbs that soothe, promote cell turnover, brighten and firm the delicate skin under your eyes. Chamomile calms, comfrey and plantain boost cell growth, and rose and elderberry protect from sun damage.

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Indie organic skin care brand Captain Blankenship proves that you can have your fresh pits and organic deodorant, too. The brand's Lime & Vetiver Cream Deodorant is made with only seven ingredients, including organic arrowroot to reduce sweating, aluminum-free baking soda to nix odor, organic hops extract to kill bacteria, organic coconut oil to soften and hydrate, and organic lime, lemongrass and vetiver essential oils for a fresh scent.

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