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These Nail Stamps Help You DIY All the Cutest Nail Art

They're easy to use and look so much better than freehand
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Do you ever try to replicate the adorable nail art designs you see all over Instagram, only to realize that maybe you don't have the steady hand (or skill) to do it yourself? You're not alone. While there are tons of skilled nail artists out there who can give you the dressed-up digits you crave, sometimes it's even more satisfying to DIY. We're here to let you in on a little secret: There is an easier way to add some pop and pizazz to your nails at home.

Enter nail stamps, the simplified way to replicate the tiny, intricate designs usually drawn by hand. Brands like MoYou London, Born Pretty and Bundle Monster (to name a few) have just about every design you can think of and an array of tools to get you nail stamping ASAP.

The process itself is quite easy. Start by applying a cuticle guard to prevent the designs from appearing on your skin. Choose your desired stamping plate design and apply colored nail polish the way you want it to appear on your nails. Use the scraping tool to remove excess polish so the designs come out crisp and clean. Use your stamper in a rolling motion to pick up the polish designs from the stamping plate. Use a similar rolling motion to stamp the designs on to your nails. When you are happy with the designs, remove the cuticle guard and apply topcoat. You'll be amazed at how professional your nails look.

Images via Instagram

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Dainty Dream Catchers
Get yourself festival ready with these boho dream catcher nail stamps. Black and neutral details really pop against the white background and are perfect when you want to be one with nature.

Image via Instagram @borsch_nails

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Floral Mosaics
We're so impressed with the itty-bitty details of these floral mosaic stamp designs in shades of pink and white, accented with bold black.

Image via Instagram @_linitti_

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Metallic Mermaid Scales
Channel your inner (or outer) mermaid with these pretty scale nails. Holographic turquoise and blue with white scale stamps look just like a mermaid tail.

Image via Instagram @marinelp91

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Plush and Cozy Plaid
The quintessential fall fabric is just as chic and neutral on your nails as it is in your wardrobe. Nail stamps make this design so much easier that trying to freehand all those tiny lines.

Image via Instagram @flagelle_nailicious

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