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10 Workouts That'll Help You Get Over the Winter Blues

Use these fun workout hacks to kick off springtime!
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Spring has sprung and if you're looking for a helpful way to say goodbye to the winter blues, it might be worth creating a new workout routine — after all, it'll definitely help boost those endorphins.

Not sure what kind of workout to start with? We've got you covered: We spoke to six trainers about all the activities that can help you transition your mood, along with the season. So, onwards to sunnier skies! From hot yoga to group classes, here are ten easy workout hacks to help you change the channel — and get out of that rut, of course.

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Take your workout outside

"Take your bike in for a tuneup, or check to see if you need new runners," says certified movement specialist and a nutrition coach, Janet Isaman of My Body Couture. After all, as she says, being in nature lifts our moods, and will help break through the winter blues.

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Try some restorative work

"Yin yoga, pilates, yoga, or Yamuna body rolling will help you get your body restored," Isaman tells TotalBeauty. She explains that since our body takes a beating in winter, it's important to open your body back up, which will ultimately help you get into a better mindset.

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Give hot yoga a try

"One of the best feelings in the winter is coming out of the cold and stepping into a heated, toasty room — so why not get a workout in while you're there?" asks personal trainer, nutritionist, and wellness coach Amanda L. Dale, MEd, MA. Bikram, and other types of hot yoga, are performed in a studio (typically warmed up to over 100 degrees) to help encourage detoxifying sweat, muscle flexibility, and joint mobility, which can help ease the stiffness of a winter-worn bod.

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Embrace dance fitness workouts

"My favorite way to stay active and happy no matter the weather is with dance fitness workouts," says ACSM-certified personal trainer LJ Kunkel. She says that motivating music adds a powerful fun factor that boosts both body and mind — so you'll look forward to your sweat session, instead of dreading it.

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