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Here's What Trainers Say You Should Pack In Your Gym Bag

Ten must-have essentials that will keep you in the gym all month long
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Staying committed to your wellness resolution goals can be a struggle. However, keeping yourself at the gym doesn't have to unbearably painful — especially if you listen to the experts. And these pros suggest that packing the right essentials in your gym bag is key to keeping you focused and on track all winter long.

With that in mind, we spoke to a handful of trainers about some of their gym bag must-haves that will keep you ready for whatever your grueling workout has in store. Below are ten products they swear they can't live without.

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Gliding Discs

"These are a staple in my gym bag, as they are great and easy to use, especially on gym carpeting," says Joanna Sthal, personal trainer, fitness entrepreneur and founder of Go2Practice. She suggests using them for lunges, pushup variations, hamstring curls, planks and much more.

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Foam Roller

"Forget waiting on dull foam rollers at your gym, use your own on days you need additional muscular work," Sthal suggests. She adds that you can basically think of them as the DIY massage that never fails to make you feel great.

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Jump Rope

"A transportable jump rope is super easy to carry and can be done literally anywhere," says expert trainer Brooke Taylor of Taylored Fitness. Whether you are in a hotel room, at home in between calls, or waiting for a client, you can always sneak in an extra ten minutes here and there, she suggests.

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Mini Resistance Bands

"These are great for glute and leg work," Taylor suggests. As she explains, they add the perfect amount of resistance to activate the intrinsic muscles around the lumbopelvic region to regain stability and strength.

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