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17 Best Face Moisturizers With SPF, Ranked

Because SPF is a non-negotiable part of any skin-care routine, any time of year
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When you read this headline, you might have considered scrolling on, in search of another, more seasonably relatable piece. Good thing you didn't! Did you know that your skin needs SPF all year long, regardless of how sunny it looks outside? Lower your eyebrows and pick your jaw up off the ground, because now you do.

Here's the deal: The sun casts off powerful UV rays all day long, all year long. It's those powerful rays that wreak havoc on skin and cause photoaging -- the premature maturation of skin, making it look and feel older than it really is. And in today's youth-obsessed culture, that's the last thing you want to happen. Plus, it goes beyond the physical deterioration and can actually be pretty harmful for your health. Since cancer and premature aging are certainly not part of your agenda, it's best to take a preventative approach to this whole ordeal. That's where SPF-packed moisturizer comes in.

Since just about nobody wants to walk around covered in traditional summer sunscreen all year long, we turn to moisturizers that have SPF-infused formulas. While some products merely tout it on their label without having enough SPF to really make a difference (because in order to reap the benefits you'd have to slather on the entire bottle), there are dozens that get the job done. To help make your search easier and your skin healthier and more hydrated, ahead we share our 17 favorite face moisturizers with SPF.

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Ideal for all skin types, this lightweight daily moisturizer offers broad spectrum SPF 35 protection, making it a comfortable fit for daily use.

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This moisturizer, sunscreen and anti-aging hybrid is perfect for anyone who likes to streamline their skin-care routine. No time for three steps? Slather on this hydrating protection and you'll be well on your way.

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If you like untraditional textures, this gel-cream formula will leave you smitten. Beyond the physical feel of the product, this antioxidant-rich formula layers on to create intense hydration with optimal protection, without leaving behind a greasy visage.

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You know how hydrating Josie Maran's hair oils can be, and now you can pump up the hydration for your face, too. With an argan oil-infused formula, this all-natural, chemical-free moisturizer and sunscreen hybrid nurtures skin while refining texture and boosting radiance.

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