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17 Male Beauty Bloggers Who Are Better Than You at Applying Makeup

These dudes put your contouring skills to shame
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From guyliner to man buns to man braids, it's clear that men are finding inspiration from the ladies when it comes to their personal grooming habits. Case in point: There's a crop of male beauty bloggers and makeup artists with mad makeup skills, who have mastered everything from ethereal strobing to intricate cat eyes that require near-surgical precision to create.

In fact, some are so good at creating flawless makeup looks, that we've been known to pick up a tip or two from their makeup tutorial videos. So, get ready to meet the best of the best male beauty bloggers on Instagram, because there are plenty of fierce men at werk ahead.

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Thomas Halbert
Now, here's a male gaze that we can totally get on board with: Male makeup artist @thomashalbert's artful eye makeup pretty much guarantees round-the-clock smizing.

Image via @thomashalbert

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Bretman Rock
Everything from @bretmanrock's cat eye to his lashes to his tears is absolutely radiant. We're not gonna lie, we'd cry (face-illuminating) tears of joy too if we had his Cara Delevingne-like brows. His makeup tutorials are some of funniest, ever.

Image via @bretmanrock

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Jonathan Curtis
We can't think of a better Instagram handle for this makeup artist than @JonJonTalks, because when he speaks, we listen. After all, we want to pick up his every tip for recreating his no-makeup makeup to his smoldering statement eyes, lips and other fierce makeup looks.

Photo via @jonjontalks

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Ricky Rebel
Musician @RickyRebel hits a high note on and offstage with his colorful hair and glam rock, glitter-heavy makeup that is the stuff that music videos dreams are made of.

Photo via @RickyRebel

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