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18 Makeup Products That Are Great for Mature Skin

These products work with your skin, not against it
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Your skin changes as you get older: In your 20s, you battled acne and oily skin — and in your 50s, you'll be dealing with fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin's natural oil production will stars to slow, which can lead to a duller complexion... and suffice it to say, with these changes, your same old foundation (and other makeup products) may not work the best for you anymore.

But, not to worry: Fortunately, there are plenty of makeup products that apply great on mature skin. We've gathered them here for you to discover. Read on and stay glowing!

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Eye creams are not just for your nighttime skin care routine — they should also be part of your makeup prep. Because in addition to moisturizing the area around your eyes, they also help to prime the area, making application easier. This luxe option is especially good for nourishing your skin and giving you that youthful glow.

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Aging can make your skin really dry. Keep your face glowing and your makeup in place with a decadent day cream like this one. Its moisture lasts for 24 hours and makes your skin feel soft and protected.

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Infused with coconut water, this nifty primer works wonders in hydrating your face and boosting your radiance. It will leave your skin feeling smooth and prepped for your makeup routine. Even if you choose to skip foundation, this primer will still be enough to keep you looking good.

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Tatcha The Silk Canvas, $52
If you're looking forward to keeping your makeup last all day, opt to use a multi-purpose primer for this one primer. It also works great as an eyelid primer for easier eyeshadow application, and it also diminishes fine lines and restores radiance, thanks to its its anti-aging ingredients.

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