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20 Clever Ways to Organize Your Makeup Clutter

If your product obsession has gotten out of control, these solutions will whip it back into order
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A Place for Everything
This minimal wooden makeup organizer from Etsy keeps everything in its place.

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Short on Space?
Move your makeup supply storage off the counter and on to your wall.

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Nifty Nooks
Candle lovers: Turn your obsession with burning wax into makeup nooks with this tutorial.

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Brush up on Your Organization
Marbles keep this cheap, easy makeup brush arrangement looking luxe.

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Crystal Clear
Acrylic storage keeps your stash visible, yet manageable. Options here, here and here.

Fact: Makeup is fun. Another fact: When you have more makeup to choose from, makeup can be even more fun. Every makeup junkie knows the thrill of adding a beautiful new palette or an ah-mazing new eyeshadow or lip gloss to her collection. But when collections turn to clutter, there's a problem. If your makeup has taken over every last inch of counter space, it's time to invest in some clutter solutions. Once you know how to organize your makeup, you can make the most of it. You'll know exactly where your best smoky eyeshadow is, and where to find that perfect shade of blue-red lipstick. The next time you're staring at an enormous pile of palettes, compacts, brushes, liners and lip glosses, keep these vanity, drawer and bathroom organization ideas in mind.
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