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Beauty Dare: Can I DIY Emma's Seriously Amazing Braided Updo?

My editor's assignment: Try to recreate this crazy-complicated braid. The happy outcome: Even braiding newbies will be able to do it
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Create a Deep Side Part
Clip the bigger section of hair and start French braiding the smaller section.

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Braid and Wrap
Make sure to braid along the side of your ear, close to your hairline, to the back of your head.

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Make a U-Turn
Once your braid reaches the opposite side of your head, make a U-turn and continue braiding in the opposite direction. Don't worry about your part being perfect. You can cover it with the rest of your hair later.

Once you've reached the side of your head you started on, braid your hair down to the ends normally. Then, secure it with a bobby pin on top of your French braid.

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Reverse Back and Pin
Overlap your braid on top of your French braids. Use mini bobby pins to secure.

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Now, create a French braid on the other side. Start it a few inches away from the front of your head, and then continue along your hairline until you reach the braid you just made.

Oh, Emma Watson. So sophisticated, so flawless every time she steps a well-heeled foot in front on the red carpet.

I fell in love with her as the adorable, bushy-haired, ࢬber-intelligent tween named Hermione in "Harry Potter." And she grew up before my eyes, dressed to the nines in outfits and hairstyles I always envy. This look from the recent "Bling Ring" premiere is no exception.

Sure, Emma's hair looks insanely complicated and outlandishly intricate. But when my editor said it probably wasn't as hard to pull off as it looked, I took it as a challenge.

I'm here to report that this crazy-cool braid is actually a cinch to DIY. You just need some basic French braiding skills and about 30 minutes. Keep clicking to get the step-by-step tutorial.
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