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12 Chic Makeup Brush Holders That Look Stunning on Your Vanity

From edgy to elegant, these are the must-have makeup brush holders that will streamline your beauty routine
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Pop quiz: Are all of your beauty tools organized neatly in a makeup brush holder, or are they haphazardly stuffed in your bathroom drawers? That's what we thought. Makeup brushes sometimes get the short end of the stick. They've helped us navigate some pretty sticky situations over the years. And yet when it comes to organization, TBH, we can be a tad neglectful. Case in point: By the end of the week, our bathroom vanity (or kitchen table, because, lighting) is typically strewn with every type of makeup brush imaginable and with a downright pitiful eye for presentation, to boot.

By now we know that it's important to keep our favorite brushes clean, but shouldn't we also display them with the pride and style that they deserve? After losing and breaking one too many a brush, we've scoured the web for the smart and stylish makeup brush holders that we'd actually want to display on our vanity.

So, say goodbye to haphazard and say hello to the makeup brush holder ideas that will sweetly complement your most drool-worthy compacts, lippies and more.

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Punch of Pineapple
Say aloha to this sweet and chic option that will hold makeup brushes in style and keep them in tip-top shape.

Buy now: Anthropologie Pineapple Pencil Holder, $16

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Girl's Best Friend
These diamond-shaped glasses add a darling dose of glamour that we can't get enough of. Plus, the tilted angle gives you easy access to your brush collection for an even speedier makeup application.

Buy now: Urban Outfitters Drink A Diamond Glass Set, $29

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For those who have a bit of a hoarding habit when it comes to makeup tools and brushes (#guilty), this makeup brush holder is for you. With three clearly labeled sections, you'll be able to easily spot your stippling from your shadow.

Buy now: e.l.f Large Brush Holder, $15

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Cue the Chemistry
Post 10th grade chemistry class, we hoped to never lay eyes on a beaker again. Until, that is, we saw this sweet version that we'd rather fill with makeup brushes, not sodium bicarbonate.

Buy now: Williams-Sonoma Jigger Measuring Beaker, $3.16

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