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10 Makeup Brush Cleaners That'll Save You Serious Time

The latest and greatest brush cleaners cleanse and maintain your brushes, keeping them as beautifully clean as the day you first bought them
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As if the Sunday scaries weren't already terrifying, just a cursory glance at our bathroom vanity following the aftermath of the weekend is enough to bring us to tears (see Kim K's ugly cry if you need a point of reference).

The powders and pigments that brought us joy as we primped on Saturday night now cling to our beloved makeup brushes, no doubt breeding bacteria that in any other situation would make us cringe. But with cozy sheets and a Stranger Things marathon beckoning, the process of de-germing our tools seems tedious at best. So, we tend to toss our brushes back into our makeup bags, even if they're still caked in all of last week's gory glory.

Fortunately, a fresh crop of makeup brush cleaners have been developed with our Sunday night struggle in mind. Designed to streamline the cleaning process, these brush cleaners boast cutting-edge technology that literally do the dirty work for you. So stop flirting with a bad case of pink eye, and try one of these picks instead.

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The Makeup Brush Cleaner for Dry Shampoo Obsessives
Sephora's Dry Clean Instant Spray, $14, takes what we love about dry shampoo for our hair (no suds, effort or dry time) and applies it to our brushes, so you can keep your tools in fighting shape between deep-cleans. And formulated without alcohol, parabens, sulfates, or phthalates, it won't compromise the integrity of your brush. Simply spray the product directly onto your dirty brush head, sweep the bristles onto a tissue or towel to nix residue and voilà!

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The Makeup Brush Cleaner for Newbies
For those seeking a deep clean sans water and lengthy dry time, Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner Pro Starter Kit, $24, is your new BFF. With pro makeup artists and celebrities among its many fan-girls, this kit is the go-to for those who regularly wear makeup and take pride in the quality, maintenance and cleanliness of their tools. Easy to use, this product features a three-step pour, dip and wipe premise and a quick-drying formula. Simply dab the bristles clean with a cloth when you're done, re-shape the brush head and allow it to air dry.

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The Makeup Brush Cleaner for When You Need Some Elbow Grease
Made from performance-grade silicone and perfectly sized for your hand, Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette, $14.99, lets you get down and dirty with your brush's bristles. Simply massage the head of your brush against the textured surface to work out gunk and grime for a superthorough clean. Paired with the brand's gel cleanser (two small packets come with the palette) and a splash of warm water, it's the perfect antidote for brushes under serious duress.

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The Makeup Brush Cleaner for Multitaskers
The luxury sedan of the brush-cleaning world, the award-winning Sigma 2X Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove, $39, is a six-in-one product designed to streamline your cleaning process. With two sides (one for face brushes and one for eye brushes) and three different groove styles designed to either rinse, wash or refine, you can customize your scrub depending on the density and size of your brush. After adding a bit of cleaning solution and warm water, gently work the bristles into the area of the glove for your wash and brush type. Talk about a handy tool.

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