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Hybrid Toners Are the Big K-Beauty Trend to Try

Drying astringent, who?
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The high-performing toners of today are nothing like the harsh, stripping astringents of yesteryear. And the latest batch of hybrid toners out of Korea (and more recently this side of the world), continue to grow leaps and bounds in the name of glowing, hydrated (yes) skin.

"Korean toners are more focused on toning and hydration and typically don't include alcohol," says Alicia Yoon, celebrity esthetician and founder and CEO of Peach & Lily. Co-founder of Soko Glam and Then I Met You Charlotte Cho continues that in some cases toners are often perceived as an in-between step — and can be cut if someone is trying to streamline their skin care routine. "But in Korea, a lot of women use toners that offer several benefits in one," says Cho. "Multitasking toners in Korea offer deep hydration to plump up fine lines, light chemical exfoliation to refine pores, soothing ingredients to calm skin, and also enzymes to gently remove impurities and even makeup!" No matter your skin type or skin goals, she says that there are a variety of toners for you.

"Korea innovates rapidly," says Yoon. "And lately there has been even more innovation in the toner category where toners now come with many different functions other than simply toning and hydrating." These products are catching on worldwide because they promote healthy skin and long term skin care goals — in other words, the hallmarks of K-beauty.

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What doesn't this toner do? Formulated with EWG Green Grade ingredients, the vegan toner refines skin and targets acne and signs of aging — without any pesky stinging.

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We never would have referred to the drying astringents of yore as "soothing," but this new wave toner genuinely is, thanks to ingredients like hyaluronic acid, bamboo sap and panthenol. The last ingredient gives the product its unique "dew drop" texture which helps it spread easily across skin and calm sensitivity..

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This two-in-one product has quickly become many skin enthusiasts' pick, thanks to the way it streamlines routines without compromising results. It has the lightweight texture and softening properties of a toner, but the richness of a good moisturizer. The star ingredient is white tea that is harvested just once a year..

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This nourishing and exfoliating toner has an interesting mix of ingredients including cape lilac, turmeric and eggplant to soothe, plus, good old salicylic acid to gently exfoliate. The solution leaves skin balanced, not parched..

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