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5 Beauty Products Beauty Entrepreneur Julie Schott Can't Live Without

We got the scoop from the former magazine editor on a mission to normalize acne.
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Julie Schott had a long career in publishing. She spent years working her way up the ladder culminating in a position as beauty director at ELLE. She left her glossy job in late 2017 and in early 2019 co-launched her first company, Starface.

Inspired by the popular acne patch trend, Schott took things one step further. Unlike most stickers on the market that try to blend in seamlessly with skin, Starface offers brightly colored star-shaped acne fighting stickers housed in a smiley-faced pod. The hope is to normalize acne by making treating it fun. (Or at least as fun as anything related to acne can be.)

Starface has since expanded to offer a host of other products and Schott has co-launched a second company, Plus. This time Schott is taking aim at the waterless trend. The brand's first product is a body wash in sheet form.

Clearly Schott has been at the forefront of beauty trends for years so we wanted to catch up with her to get her five must-have beauty products.

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Dieux Forever Eye Mask, $25

"These eye mask patches are a sustainable update on disposable undereye gels. They're made for repeat use plus they're photogenic."

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"This hand cream is nongreasy, unscented and has just the right amount of hydration after repeat hand sanitization."

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"This biodegradable, environmentally-friendly laundry detergent makes washing clothes feel luxurious with its addictive vanilla, bergamot and amber scent."

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Topicals Faded, $36

"Faded works to brighten dark spots and unlike some hyperpigmentation treatments, it won't lighten surrounding skin."

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