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Master the Glazed Skin Look With These Jelly Highlighters

Are you ready for this jelly?
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How did we go from owning just one seldom-used highlighting product to a makeup kit stocked with every shimmering palette, powder, stick, cream and liquid product that promised to help us achieve that luminescent, Instagram-loving glow? Well, get ready for your newest illuminating obsession: jelly highlighters.

The jelly highlighter trend can be traced back to Farsali (the brand that launched a thousand unicorns with its Unicorn Essence) when it introduced Jelly Beam Illuminator and made "glazed" and "bouncy" the new highlighter buzzwords. Because the product starts as a jelly, glides on like a gel and sets like a powder, it leaves behind hydrated skin and multidimensional shine that's enough to make even the biggest matte skin fan weak in the knees.

Trouble is, the Jelly Beam highlighter can be as elusive as a unicorn. It has sold out again and again since it launched months ago. Luckily, other beauty brands are getting inspired to come up with their own pigment-packed formulations and we are so here for all this jelly. If you think we've reached peak dewiness with liquid and cream highlighters, just wait until you see the glazed finish you'll get from jelly highlighters. Read on for some of the best jelly highlighters to give you the ethereal glow you've been searching for.

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This highlighter will win you over from the moment you see the gorgeous jewel-like packaging. What's inside is just as opalescent. Open the lid to reveal a pleasingly squidgy, shape-shifting highlighter that's packed with sparkles. The universally flattering iridescent highlighter comes in two shades: mermaid and unicorn (obvs). The hypoallergenic formulas deliver plenty of shimmer and hydration. Don't be afraid to mix them with moisturizer or foundation to create different effects.

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Zoeva Strobe Gel, $15.80
Don't underestimate these little pots, which add incandescent beams of light to skin. The memory shape gel creates a three-dimensional effect while maintaining a translucent, glowing-from-within finish. The nourishing highlighter is available in six sun-kissed shades with options for all skin tones. Warning: You will want to collect them all.

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Tracking down this OG jelly highlighter is worth it because it leaves skin as glazed as a doughnut — and that's a good thing. Tap the dewy illuminator on with fingers over any areas you want to enhance. The innovative formula transforms from a gel into a powder for a pigmented, wet-satin finish. The intensity can be increased from golden goddess to megawatt 24k gold. For next-level shine, mix it with a powder formula.

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This jelly highlighter might be packed with sparkling pigment but it maintains a silky smooth finish that feels good anywhere it's applied. (That includes collarbones.) The wet jelly dries down, holding the pigment in place to maintain that lit look. Take your pick from gold and ultraviolet shades — or get both. At this price, they're a steal compared to other formulas.

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