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5 Beauty Products Torch'd's Isaac Calpito Can't Live Without

The Broadway-trained pro shares his faves
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Crowned "the breakout star of virtual fitness" by The New York Times, Isaac Calpito (better known as @IsaacBoots) helps sculpt the bodies of thousands of people across the globe (including frequent guest star Brian Atwood). To date, he has raised nearly $600,000 for No Kid Hungry, via his daily Instagram Live workouts at 11 a.m. ET.

When Calpito started his live workouts on March 17, in response to the pandemic, he had a modest goal of raising $1,000 to help end child hunger in America — he reached that goal in 15 minutes.

So what makes his workouts so appealing? First, there's the fun of sweating alongside known personalities ranging from Vanessa Hudgens to Real Housewives like Lisa Rinna, who frequently tune into his 45-minute low impact, sculpting Live workouts. Then, it's impossible not to smile as you watch him in tight-tight patterned Terez bike shorts, taking a "splash" of water out of a glass carafe whilst spewing out one sexual innuendo after another (you'll almost forget that you're in the middle of a vigorous, high rep sweat session). Though Calpito is known to use Bala Bangles, all of his workouts can be done using your body weight as resistance as you do a seemingly never ending amount of pulses and leg circles.

But it doesn't end with stylish workout clothes and resistance weights: Calpito is a major beauty buff who takes care of skin just as much as he does his body. He's definitely mastered the art of seductively sweating during a workout — which is thanks in part to his meticulously planned skin care routine and friendship with celebrity dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross.

Read on for the Calpito's five must-have beauty products.

"I am obsessed with this high-tech mask. There are three settings on it: one for fine lines, another for collagen renewal and one that is a combination. The texture and health of my skin have completely transformed by using this mask every day on freshly clean skin."

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MDNA Skin The Rose Mist, $120
"Simultaneously luxurious and effective, I love misting my face with this mist pre and post workout. It keeps my skin fresh, dewy and the smell is intoxicating."

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"This is a must have for me. I use this two or three times a week. It oxygenates and brightens my skin even if I haven't had a good night's sleep!"

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"I work out and sweat so much that I need to make sure my skin is properly exfoliated and cleansed. I love GP's GoopGlow because frankly, it works. Who doesn't love glowy skin?"

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