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How to Pull Off Black Lipstick at Work

A red power lip is a classic move, but black lipstick is one way to bewitchingly and instantly up the drama of your makeup
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When it comes to playing it safe at work, black is probably your go-to color. The right LBD can go a long way in making you feel both confident and ready to work, and you can always rely on the perfect black pumps for an immediate chic factor. But what about for your makeup? A red power lip is a classic move, but black lipstick is one way to bewitchingly up the drama of your makeup.

The trick to wearing black lipstick at work is using the right formula and pairing it with complementary makeup. The right black lipstick delivers a sultry serving of edge without looking goth. Like any great black accessory, it can pull together an outfit, giving a boring beige pantsuit an immediate revamp and providing instant intrigue. These are the insider hacks to wearing black lipstick anywhere, including at work.

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Keep It Clean
If this is your first time sporting black lipstick, let your lips do the talking. Keep your base makeup breezy, using softer tones and mascara on otherwise bare eyes.

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The Right Formula
A fading red or pink lipstick isn't ideal, but a fading black lipstick tends to look like something out of a horror movie. Keep your lips on point with a formula that has serious staying power.

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Go Glossy
A glossy sheen will amp up your lip volume, unlike a matte formula, which tends to minimize lips in this shade. No-makeup makeup and full, natural brows will keep your look fresh, not freaky.

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Bring Balance
Teaming bangs with a bold black lipstick helps balance your features. A flirty fringe helps keep the look quirky rather than goth, and a bronze blush brings warmth to your features.

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